About Us

Who we are?

About Us

We are professional traders who are fed up with the high number of irrational decisions made during trading due to the lack of knowledge and/or competence of the possible tools as well as their inappropriate use.

TradingBud.com is an independent website that belongs to no interest group.

Why have we created this site?

Our goal is to provide our registered members with a platform which is both transparent and enhance their profitable trading. To this end, we provide our clients with constantly renewing content and services of high quality.

Our main products

Source of our income

Since we earn our commissions after our clients’ trades it is our eminent interest to make our clients successful. It is important to note that anyone who registers at a broker through us is given the same trading conditions as if he or she had done it directly. However, by means of our cashback service our clients’ trading expenses are reduced.