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Admiral Markets Bid-Ask

Dear Traders,

And the best part is that on the top of the cuts, we're paying cashback to our clients that can reduce their spreads by 20% further. Eg.: You trade DAX you get back 0.16 from the spread, means your trading cost in the reality will be only 0.64.

If you compare these spreads with the ones that other brokers are offering, you'll notice that on some indices you can cut your trading costs by even 90%!

Admiral Markets doesn't charge any commission, so all your trading costs are the spreads! This should improve trading performance for those using short-term trading techniques, just like scalping or high-frequency trading. High leverage allows you to trade contracts exceeding your balance up to 500 times.

They didn't forget about longer-term traders either. There are no expiry terms (rollovers), allowing traders to hold open positions as long as they want.

If you're trading index CFDs, Admiral Markets could be the right choice.

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