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Dear clients,

We are sorry to inform you that we will be unable to provide cashback services for XM in the future. Yesterday (6 February 2017) afternoon we got the following email from XM:

Announcement Regarding XM Cashback

As you can read in their email, XM decided to close our affiliate accounts with 50+ real money clients and refuse to pay us our commissions. We're still not sure about the reason as currently waiting for their answer (more than 24 hours passed and we haven't got any answer yet on our business email).

Admiral Markets Bid-Ask

Dear Traders,

And the best part is that on the top of the cuts, we're paying cashback to our clients that can reduce their spreads by 20% further. Eg.: You trade DAX you get back 0.16 from the spread, means your trading cost in the reality will be only 0.64.

If you compare these spreads with the ones that other brokers are offering, you'll notice that on some indices you can cut your trading costs by even 90%!