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HotForex Cashback - 2018

Micro / Premium / Currenex / Auto FIX ZERO Spread
Cashback / lot Cashback / lot Cashback / lot
Currencies 60.5% 45.4% 22.7%
of pip value of pip value of pip value
Gold / Silver $6.05 $6.05 $6.05
Indices $0.605 $0.605 $0.605
Commodities $0.605 $0.605 $0.605
US Shares $0.605 $0.605 $0.605
  • We do not receive any commission from Futures contracts and UK Shares, therefore there will be no cashback earned on these trades. In case the spread between the open and close price of a trade does not exceed 2 pips, the affiliate commission will be subject to a 50% reduction. Trades open for less than one minute will be subject to a 50% reduction of the affiliate commission.
  • For VIP, PAMM manager, HF Social accounts we do not receive any commission, therefore these account types are not eligible for cashback.
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