How do I start getting paid for my trades?

Step 1: Register a free TradingBud account. We'll give you $10 just for signing up!

Step 2: Select a broker on our brokers page and open a trading account using the "OPEN ACCOUNT" button.

It's important to use the "OPEN ACCOUNT" button for signing up, else we're not able to pay cashback on your trades for that account.

Step 3: Enter your newly opened trading account's number on your TradingBud profile page. Once you've added your account number, we'll make the required checks with the broker and notify you as soon as your trading account is associated with your TradingBud profile.

Step 4: Start trading and we’ll automatically credit your cashback to your account. We have different payment frequency at each broker. You can check this information on our brokers page.

Step 5: Withdraw your funds any time you wish.

I don’t know how to choose a broker. Can you help me in this choice?

On our brokers page we will help to choose the right broker for you. You can compare them by many aspects such as: cashback rates, regulation, maximum leverage, minimum deposit etc... If you're still not sure which is the most suitable broker for you, just contact us.

Do you have access to my broker account?

As we are only an introducing broker and not a money manager we do not have access to your trading account.