What is cashback?
When you open a broker account using our links, for that account your broker pays part of their spread or commission to us. Then we share most of this revenue with you, paying cash for every transaction you make. And the best part is that your trading conditions remain the exact same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The only difference is that you earn extra cash on your trades.
Will my spreads increase if I open an account through TradingBud?
No! Your trading conditions remain exactly the same. When negotiating with brokers, we pay attention to sign a contract where the broker has no right to increase the commission or the spread just because you have been registered through us.
Can I earn cashback on accounts that wasn't opened through TradingBud?
We can offer you cashback because our partner brokers pay us commission for each transaction of yours if you were registered through us. We are able to reward you from these commissions. If you sign up directly to a broker, we cannot pay cashback for you (in many cases, your existing broker accounts can be re-tagged to us, even if you signed-up directly to a broker). You can find further instructions here.
Are there any restrictions to get cashback?
In certain cases there are some restrictions to get cashback, of course only if we cannot receive commission on a trade either. These are mostly minimum trading movement or minimum trading duration restrictions.
I have started to trade but I have not received cashback yet. Why?
If you have successfully connected your trading account but didn't receive your cashback in time, please contact us.
Does it matter if my trades are profitable or not?
No matter how successful your trading is, you will be paid for each executed trade.
What if I disagree with the amount I have earned?
Contact us immediately! If you feel that there might be some mistakes we will investigate your case.