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Why you should use cashback?

Many professionals use cashback services to boost their profit. Unfortunately, there are still many traders out there who basically lose money just because they sign up to brokers directly and do not receive cashback. Just think about it! Why would you trade EUR/USD with a spread of 1.2 if you can achieve 0.595 effective spread with cashback, saving 6.05 USD on every lot traded? These amounts add up and save you several thousands of dollars in the long term. Using cashback can be the key to become a successful trader.


Advantages of our cashback service

  • It’s absolutely free to use.
  • You never deposit, you only get money from us.
  • Since we earn commissions after our clients’ trades, it is our interest to make our clients successful.
  • You are rewarded every time you make a trade. No matter if you win or lose!
  • Even if you are having a losing or a break-even month, cashback can make it a winning one.